ECM-18 Excursions
Tuesday, August 18 afternoon

We offer more alternatives for excursions, simply because there is too many participants to be taken to single destination. Each participant can select one of them. Some destinations are also included into the Supporting Leisure Programme.


Brewery Velké Popovice
About 30 km SE from Prague. One of the well known czech breweries.

Brewery Litomerice
Small brewery, sightseeing in town center.

Brewery Kutna Hora
see below



40 km W from Prague. A Gothic royal castle founded in the 12th century, several times damaged by fire, restored in years 1882-1938 and after 1945. Surrounded by deep forests. Historical interiors, library, chapelle, expositions, silver treasury, late Gothic paintings and sculptures.


The castle is situated approximately 60 km NW from Prague. It was founded in the first half of the 14th century and abandoned in the 16th century. At the turn of the 19th and 20th century rebuilt in the Romantic style by its new owners, family Špaček.

Historical interiors and collection of weapons.

The castle is situated above the valley surrounded by picturesque rocks formed by selective erosion of sandstones of cretaceous age. Possibility of hiking about 4 km to see some of the most interesting rock forms. Some nice examples of well preserved rural architecture typical for the area (timbered houses).

Český Šternberk

One of the most remarkable castles in Bohemia, about 40 km SE from Prague, overlooks a deep valley of the river Sázava, an affluent of Vltava. A Gothic castle, rebuilt into a Baroque structure during the 18th centuty. Owned by family of Šternberks almost continuously since 13th century, with interruption 1949-1991.

Period interiors and furniture, family portraits, gallery, collection of graphic art from the period of the Thirty Years’ War, historical weapons, hunting trophies.


20 km N from Prague. A Baroque castle dating from the first half of the 18th century, the summer retreat of the count Chotek family. Baroque and Rococo interiors, collection of oriental artefacts. Large park with Romantic pavillons.


25 km N from Prague. A Lobkowicz castle built in the middle of the 16th century. An exposition of the European, especially Spanish art of the 16th to 19th centuries. Nelahozeves is also a birthplace of Antonín Dvořák, a famous Czech compositor of the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The excursion includes the visit of the museum which is dedicated to him.


The well preserved Gothic castle, about 80 km NNE from Prague, in the nice landscape area known as “Český ráj” (Bohemian Paradise). The castle is first mentioned in 1349, completed in 15th century. Following the Thirty Years’ War, it was used for economic purposes. Historical fortification, interiors, a Renaissance kitchen.

Possibility of hiking through the valley surrounded by picturesque rocks formed by selective erosion of cretaceous sandstones. Examples of local rural architecture. Facultative stop in one well maintained village of timbered houses.


30 km SWW from Prague. Baroque French style castle received its form in the 18th century.

Historical interiors, French garden with baroque sculptures and pyramidal fountain. Recently reopened for public after serving several decades as the “House of Writers” during the communist regime.


30 km N from Prague. The castle of Czech princesses and queens, situated on the top of the hill overlooking the confluence of the Vltava and Labe rivers. Rebuilt into a Renaissance castle in the 16th century. Since 1753 belongs to the Lobkowicz family, after 1948 confiscated, recently returned to them.

An exposition of Czech Baroque painting, historical interiors. An exhibition of wine growing. Panoramatic view.

The trip to Mělník with more extensive programme is also offered as a part of Supporting Leisure Programme.

Sázava Monastery

40 km SE from Prague. Situated in the valley of the river Sázava, an affluent of Vltava.

Founded in the 11th century. Until 12th century a centre of Slavonic rite. Abandoned at the end of the 18th century under the Emperor Joseph II. Former monastery rebuilt to castle in the 19th century.

Exposition, abbot’s chapelle, gothic paintings, crypt.

Kutná Hora - historical mining town.

70 km E from Prague. UNESCO historical town reservation. Origin of the town dates back to the Middle Ages. Former center of silver mining, once the second largest and important town of the Czech Kingdom after Prague.

Late Gothic St. Barbara’s cathedral, mining museum, former royal mint. Excurssion in brewery included.

The full day trip to Kutná Hora, with more extensive programme is also offered as a part of Supporting Leisure Programme.


Přerov nad Labem - open air museum of rural architecture

30 km E from Prague. More than 30 objects from villages of the Elbe River region were moved from their original locations and exposed here.

After visiting this museum, a stop in spa Poděbrady with mineral water springs is planned.


Some interesting localities in the Barrandien - geological excursion

This excursion is dedicated especially to persons having some interest in the earth sciences..... geology, mineralogy, paleontology etc. You will see one of the most interesting and geologically variable areas in the Europe, ranging in south-west direction from outskirts of Prague. The excursion will be guided by an experienced geologist, Dr Václav Cílek.


Škoda Mladá Boleslav, manufacturer of cars.

About 50 km NE from Prague.

The most abundant cars on Czech (and Slovak) roads are Škodas of many generations and various age. Since Škoda-Auto joined Volkswagen group in 1991 the production increased, quality was improved and new models were launched.

You will have occasion to visit one of the most successful industrial plants in the post-communist countries. Excursion comprise visits of the enterprise museum and production lines.