Meetings and Workshops

Organized by the ECM-18 committee (before ECM)

School on the Use of International Tables of Crystallography
(August 11-15, Praha)

GSAS Workshop (August 13-15, Praha)

ICDD Workshop (August 15, Praha)

DIRDIF Workshop (August 15, Praha)

CCP4 Workshop (program system for macromolecular structure solution) (August 15, Praha)


Meetings (during ECM)

ECA meeting
ECA Special Interest Groups Meetings
Ad-hoc meetings organised according to needs of participants

Other Conferences

AFTER ECM-18 (not organized by ECM-18 committee)

Can crystal structures be predicted?
Leopoldina Meeting, Dresden, Germany, 21-22 August 1998

XXIV European Congress on Molecular Spectroscopy,
Praha, August 23-28

6th European Powder Diffraction Conference EPDIC - 6,
Budapest, Hungary, August 22-24

13th International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering,
Praha, August 23-28 (E-mail: