Supporting leisure programme


A. Prague (Vltava cruise) - Saturday, August 15

Panoramic cruise offering a series of different Prague views - the Prague Castle, the Old Town, and the Charles Bridge.
Starting hour: 14:00. Duration: 2 hours.

Price: 8,-USD

B. Prague (sightseeing walk) - term I: Sunday, August 16, term II: Monday, August 17

During this English guided city walk you can learn something about the rich history of Prague and see its most frequented sights.

Starting point: 10:00. Duration: 3 hours.

Price: 6,-USD

C. Historical tram - Prague sightseeing - Monday, August 17

English guided city sightseeing by historical tram will take you through the city of Prague. The tour includes a visit to the Prague museum of historical trams and refreshments.

Starting point: 13:30, ECM-18 registration desk, the conference venue. Duration: 3 hours.

Price: 12,-USD

D. Kutná Hora (full day tour) - Wednesday, August 19

Kutná Hora is a charming Medieval town with preserved silver mine of 13th -15th centuries. Besides number of architectural sights as the St. Barbara´s Cathedral and the Town Hall you can visit the mint, mine musem Hrádek and macabre crypt containing over 10.000 human skeletons. Optional visit of local brewery. Lunch and entrance fees included, English guided.

Starting point: 10:00 ECM-18 registration desk, the conference venue. Return to Praha: 17:00.

Price: 22,-USD

E. Melník (full day tour) - Thursday, August 21

Melník is famed mostly for the outstanding vintage wine which you can taste in wine cellars of the Gothic castle. Also exhibition of prams and toys as well as macabre crypt holding remains of over 15.000 human skeletons is worthseeing. After that you may enjoy an unique panoramic view of the mouth of the Vltava river flows into the Labe. Lunch, wine tasting and entrance fees included, English guided.

Starting point: 10:00 ECM-18 registration, the conference venue. Return to Praha: 17:00.

Price: 18,-USD

F. Terezín (half day tour) - term I: Monday, August 17, term: II: Wednesday, August 19

Terezín Baroque fortress (Monument of the world war II) - large fortifications from 18th century have been converted into a concentration camp during the occupation of the Czech country by Nazi Germans (1941-1945). Entrance to the Small Fortress and Ghetto museum incl., English guided.

Starting point: 9:00 ECM-18 registration, the conference venue.
Return to Praha: 14:00. Price: 12,-USD.

Price: 12,-USD

Theater performances - choose a date individually in the registration form

G. Laterna Magika - August 12 - 21.
Famous performance - unique composition of film, dancing and music.

The Wonderful Circus
Starting: 7 p.m.
Price: 22,-USD

H. Black Light Theatre - August 12 - 21
Fantastic performace composed of music, pantomime, pictures and dancing.
Starting: 9 p.m.

August 10-16 Aspects of Alice
August 17-23 Gulliver August

Price: 15,-USD

I. State Opera - August 12 - 21

Classical opera performance on the National Theatre opera scene.

August 17 Nabucco
August 18 La Traviata
August 19 Aida
August 20 Rigoletto
August 21 Don Carlos

Starting: 7 p.m.
Price: gallery 6, dress circle 15, parterre 25,- USD

J. Wine party - term I: Monday evening (Aug 17), term II: Tuesday evening (Aug 18)
Starting: ¨7 p.m.
Price: 15,-USD

Post-conference programme - Friday, 21 August
(minimum no of participants is 20)

K. One-day tour to Moravia - history and nature

Let´s visit the battle place of the Three Caesars, where Napoleon defeated the joint armies of German, Russian and Austria Monarchs, shortly before his Russian campaign with catastrophic impact on his European expansion. You can experience the beauty of the aragonite stalactites and stalagmites boating through caverns of the Moravian Carst and walking to the bottom of the Macocha Abyss, the deepest one in the central Europe. A delicious typical Moravian menu and wines with a small surprise programme are included.
Price: 66,- USD/person

L. One day tour to South Bohemia - architectural heritage and beer testing

A visit to the South Bohemian Ceský Krumlov which has been listed in "the UNESCO protected monuments register" is like a journey in a time machine. The town has preserved its Medieval character and you can realy feel here the history while walking the narrow lanes. And moreover - worldwide unique open-air theatre with revolving auditory can be seen in the Royal gardens. And who would want to miss Czech beer tasting and excursion to the Budvar brewery in Ceské Budejovice (Budweis)?
Price: 66,- USD/person


Participants should fill in the corresponding items in the registration form.
All subsequent arrangements concerning the trips should be done with

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