Instructions for Abstracts

Abstracts of all contributions (plenary lectures, oral contributions, posters) will be published in a special issue of the journal "Materials Structure in Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Technology" which is published by the Czech and Slovak Crystallographic Association. Simultanoeusly, the contributions will be available in Internet (HTML pages) and in ECM-18 CD-ROM.

Participants are cordially invited to subnit abstracts on any topic related to crystallography. The abstracts of unregistered authors will not be published. If one author send more abstracts, the Programme and Organizing Committee may select only one of them.

The form of abstracts is relatively free. They should be 1 - 2 pages long including figures and should have the following structure :

  1. Title (upper case and bold typeface)
  2. Authors names (upper and lower case and bold typeface)
  3. Addresses of all authors (italic face)
  4. Keywords
  5. Text
  6. References

It will be greatly appreciated, if the authors send the text as a computer file in one of the following ways :

Different formats as LaTeX, MS Word, Ami Pro, Word Perfect, ASCII and HTML will be accepted. The figures can also be sent in one of the common PC formats (PCX, TIF, GIF, JPG, etc.). The final width of the figures will be 8 cm (only exceptionally 16 cm). The references should be indicated by numbers in brackets and the list of references given accordingly at the end of contribution.

The abstracts should preferentially be delivered by ftp. If the form is not only pure ASCII file, they should be sent in for FTP or encoded (Uuencode) for E-mail. The type of file, e.g. the type and version of word processor should be indicated. If an abstract is not acknowledged within a week, it is probable that it was not received. Please, check the E-mail account from which the abstract was sent. It will be used for possible questions.

All authors are kindly asked to check their abstracts at ECM-18 Web pages and refer about any problems by E-mail to the conference secretariat.

The abstracts should be sent to the conference secretariat before May 31, 1998.


The authors - participants are also kindly asked for their photos. The photos can be of “passport” size and will be published in ECM-18 Web pages and ECM-18 CD-ROM. Therefore they can be delivered not only in a paper form but also in some of the common PC formats. Of course, sending of these photos is not obligatory for the authors.

Sample of contribution